Ali Lotfi as an architectural photographer and designer - with academic backgrounds in architecture, urban design, and photography- brings an authoritative sense of space, form, texture, light, and use to his architectural shots.

Ali hones in on defining angles and lighting in photographs that capture the life, soul, and poetry of the architect's vision. His experiences in architectural design shape his interpretation of design and his sharp sense of colour has an impact on the photographs he creates.

Interior Architectural Photography | Commercial Architectural Photography

Historical Architecture Photography

Space, Form, Texture, Light |  Space photography

Hotels, skyscrapers, restaurants, modern or historical buildings, museums, architectural pieces, products, Urban Photographer | Historical Architecture Photography


Ali Lotfi has a creative and colourful approach to food and beverage imagery. He works collaboratively with clients as well as a network of stylists and art directors to bring projects to life, from inception to the beautiful finished image.

Image Creation | Still Life photography

Food photography | Still Life photography

Creative photography  | Still Life photography

Drink, Beverage photography  | Still Life Photography


Ali’s design path started with graphic design and continued with the parametric architectural design where computer algorithms are used to help generate forms and design solutions. In ALI LOTFI STUDIO, he provides the conceptual and artistic direction for various projects utilizing his experiences in a variety of technical and creative roles gained in the last ten years.

Exhibition Design, Signage, Wayfinding | Architectural, Urban Design

Digital Art, Animation, Motion, Visual Identity | Coding Design

Logo, Packaging, Branding, Advertising, Books Print, Periodicals, Visual Identity | Graphic Design

Set Design, Storytelling, Advertising |  Scenic Design

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